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I'm in English A1 SL, my current topic is

"Impact of poet's culture on language and use of literary devices"

Where I plan on comparing "The Patriot" by Nissim Ezekiel to "Serenades" by Seamus Heaney and/or "Ganga" by Ezekiel to "Digging" by Heaney.

You think it will work? I want to point out the difference the respective poets cultural background makes on their use of figures of speech and language. Any way to rephrase the statement that you think would help me by making it more/less specific? Any changes in general?


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Did your teacher approve the topic? The only reason I ask is that my teacher discouraged us from trying to make connections between a poet and her background/what she had seen.

Your teacher might have a different view on this, so it wouldn't matter. For me, a more legitimate argument would be if the poets use the same words or same devices to create different tones or something like that. Or if they used completely different diction to create the same theme. Maybe that's what you were planning on doing. Anyways, don't limit yourself because of my comment. I'm just speaking from what I know, based on what my teacher said last year. [by the way, I love how Ezekiel's narrator talks in "The Patriot."]

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