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Im doing my IOP soon and I wasn't sure if my topic is strong enough,

Im doing “How does the author exploit the qualities of corruption in his characters? What is his intention in doing so?”. Basically I'm gonna show how all his corrupt characters are from either low or middle class status, then I’m gonna analysis the characters (their motifs, etc). We need to show what the greater significance of our topic is- so I was thinking of talking about why the author depicted the poor as corrupt and say how they symbolise the politicians who are 'poor' at heart, etc. because the author has an active political life.

what do you think?

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If you can visualize where you are going to go with this topic, then the IOP should be no problem. From what I see in your topic, it sounds like you are discussing Allende and the House of the Spirits. If this is the book you are discussing, then find key scenes, themes, ect. that have to do with corruption in the poor and class distinction. The earthquake scene would be incredibly helpfull i think. You will have to filter out some portions of the key scenes because there are just to many themes, points, and topics in this book, so that may be difficult to do. But your topic sounds like it is going in the right direction.

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i think your topic is pretty strond as well! :vampire:

but can someone pls help me? the literature im allowed to use is either

1. master harold and the boys- its a play ...or...

2. carol ann duffy poems!

IOP in TWOOOO days! please help asap! :P

suggestions will do i just dont know where to get started from. im a nervous wreck


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