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EE English- A Man of the People

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Hey people....so I am doing my EE in english have already done like three drafts and i'm focusing on corruption in "A Man of the People". Anyway my supervisor told me I need to have secondary texts, he said it should be other texts focused on the same issue (yeah i know didn't understand either....or maybe I am the only one who doesn't get it) So what i wanted to know is exactly what does that mean, secondary texts, and how should i bring it into my essay

Just a little clarity please..is all I am asking lol =)

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Are there any books written about A Man of the People? Or maybe a book/article on Achebe relating to his experience with corruption? I think it's just to further validate your argument. You could go even further with that and find something a literary expert said relating to your topic and disagree with it, if you the room and the support.

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