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German B SL

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Hello :D

I am in German B SL. What I did was basically found an article on a topic that I was interested and talked about it.

The structure of the oral is:

- 4 minutes summary of the topic/article you chose to research into

- 4 minutes of Q & A about the topic. e.g. why you cose it? what about it interests you?

- 4 minutes of Q & A about anything. future, hobbies, what you like..

(the 4 minutes are approximate. I think the presentation overall should be like 10-15 minutes.)

I did not find it a difficult task, personally.

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.

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I'm doing one on football holiganism for my special topic, because it's what I'm interested. A good bet is pick something you like, for example a sport, video game, musical genre or artistic movement and then look at a comparrison of how it is/was in german speaking countries compared to your own. If it interests you, it'll be easier and you will learn the specific vocab better.

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Hey, I will have to do my german oral presentation in a week, where I have to talk 3 to 4 minutes about a theme involving german speaking cultures, you have any idea of what can I talk about?

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