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Help on IA Biology!

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So I've basically completed my IA for Bio, but I don't know how to make it better. I have all of the guidelines, but can anyone help specifically on anything about it? Even if it only gets me one more mark, I would gladly take suggestions!!:D


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Would you care to elaborate as to what your Biology IA is on so that we can help you with it. Is it your Design, Data Collection and Processing or Conclusion and Evaluation that's lacking. All I can say is do exactly what it says on the IB BIOLOGY IA Criterion and never do less than what is required, in fact do just a bit more if it means polishing your Research question with an intro on the theory behind the experiment.

-Mention ALL the variables

-Put a minimum and maximum limit in your results which you could write like '+/- 0.5g' to consider uncertainties which are always likely to be present.

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