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Presidents of America HL work

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I'm currently doing the Presidents of America: Truman vs. Eisenhower, JFK vs LBJ and Ford vs. Nixon, but am very behind on notes. I wanted to do some tables to compare each thematically, however my notes are a slight mess and I was wondering whether anyone knew of any good websites/sources/books that I would be able to use.

It's a bit annoying really, because my handwritten notes are always a mess, I can't decide a good way to order them when writing them out whilst my teacher is talking and I never have enough time to type them all out afterwards... any tips for that problem too?

Thank you, and hope you all had a fab christmas!


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Haha I just go to Wikipedia for stuff like that :(

But seriously, Wikipedia is pretty good because it'll have domestic and foreign problems the presidents faced and background and things of note. It probably won't have characteristics of the president as much, if that's what you're looking for.

And I think I know exactly what you're talking about! Last year my history teacher wanted to lecture to prepare us for college or something. He ended up repeating what he said at least 2-3 times so we could write it down, and I hated that nothing was in chronological order. Well, now that I think about it, that doesn't sound like your problem exactly... haha

Here's what I suggest. Find a buddy who takes really good notes, who wouldn't mind letting you see them if he/she knows that you're trying to make notes, too. Then during class, listen to the teacher mainly. Write as much as you can, but don't zone the teacher out to write down something. Also, if you missed something, try to leave a blank line or space to fill it in later. And abbreviate. A lot. A LOT. Make acronyms for everything you can [but write down the whole thing and the acronym at least once so that you don't forget what it stands for]. Write your notes like an IM conversation if you have to. To keep up with my teachers, I have to make lots of arrows, and use lots of 'cuz' and things I'd never write on tests or essays.

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