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History Internal Assessment: Historical Investigation

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I've recently started to do this assessment, and it's due next month, so it's grabbing my nerves now.

My topic is:

To what extent is the movie: Flags of our father/Letters from Iwo Jima historical accurate?

1. Which film should I choose? Flags of our father or letters from Iwo Jima?

2. What sources could I use? (accurate, historically accurate, film reviews especially for comparing to history)


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I didn't know you could do such a topic. Interesting.

Last semester, we had a movie project where we looked at the historical accuracy of one movie. My friend chose Letters from Iwo Jima. She liked it [she had to read the subtitles]. I'd pick whichever movie is easier to do. If you're having to read subtitles, then that's detracting from the value a little, right? Either way, we ended up lookin gat the director's message, the accuracy of the setting, the relationships between characters, any propaganda, gender roles, etc.

Are you sure you're allowed to do this kind for your HI? Using a movie as a lens for a subject? It seems like you could definitely use the movies as sources along with books, etc. for some aspect relating to Iwo Jima. If you make the movie your central focus, then it doesn't fulfill the 'at least 10 years old' rule to classify as history. If you've cleared it with your teacher, I guess it's fine. I just wanted to make sure.

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