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Final Exam Preparation

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Hey guys,

I really have no clue how to prepare for the psychology exams. So my question here is, whats the best way to prepare for these exams? Does anyone here have any useful tips when answering the exams questions or when revising for the subject?

Cheers in advance, Latim.

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I hope you know of the existance of Crane site.

If you don't then quickly go here http://cranepsych.com/Psych/ and click on the first link (you are doing the old curriculum, right?). Look around and you will see how amazing this site is. Students who have done psychology and studied from this site got a 7 I believe. There are tons of members of ibsurvival who used it and got the 7. So good luck with revision, even I'm using this site as well as my class notes to revise for my mocks and finals.

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