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World Literature #1

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Investigation of the negative effects of family relationship, especially between mother and protagonists in Like Water for Chocolate and Paradise of the Blind where woman’s rights and roles in society is already predetermined.

Is this your title, or just your general idea?

If it's your general idea, it seems fine to me, if perhaps a little too extensive (I shall write about this in a sec.) but if it's your title you may wish to tweak it a bit. For instance...

"A comparison of the negative relationship between mother and daughter in Like Water for Chocolate and Paradise of the Blind".

I dunno whether it's a boy or a girl protagonist in Paradise of the Blind, but you can alter that to suit. Basically your title needs to be short, sweet and to the point. You don't need to include points in it which you can then put in your essay (you can of course dedicate a chunk of your essay to the way predetermined rights and roles of society affect the relationship). What's really something to avoid in your title is "especially". If you say something in your title, you're expected to do all of it. You can't qualify it and say "an essay largely about subject A with the occasional small mention of subject B", or anything along those lines, including suggesting you're going to put the emphasis on a particular area. WL essays are extremely short so you should have no problems with just focussing on one relationship. Oh and finally, as this is a comparative piece, you'll want to "compare" instead of "investigate". Or rather, investigate your points and then compare them across the two books, but it's always a good idea to stick "compare" in the title to give the examiner some proof that you know what you're meant to be doing :)

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I agree with Sandwich, that your topic as it is now is a bit wordy, and you could definitely talk about the roles of society, etc as one of your points. Do remember that Hang and Que are from a Vietnamese society, while Tita and Mama Elena are from a Latin American one and maybe point out the similarities and differences there. Also, are you talking about the negative effects of their relationship in relation to something else, or just their relationship in general being 'bad'? Just some points to think about.

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