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How to show holistic judgement?

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I am getting my ee viva voce which is basically an interview tomorrow and my holistic judgement grade will be based on this. How do I show holistic judgge and what really is it?

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YOU don't show it, they judge you on it. Holistic judgement is just generally the sense of how good your essay is. It's a bit of a subjective criteria, but it helps separate really good essays from just average essays (even if both meet the other objective criteria). The best thing to do in your viva if you want to help get a high mark for this point is to try to highlight anything additional about your essay, or clarify things you mentioned. For instance say you clarified something you said but didn't say why, explain why. Deeper thought processes and motivation and all that to make your essay seem of a higher "quality" because you've thought more about it :)

Your supervisor may well give you the opportunity to do this yourself by asking you leading or loaded questions. I did my viva in a random 5 minutes in my lunchbreak without warning as I recall and there's honestly nothing in it you need to prepare yourself for (and not much you can do -- the viva can help a bit, but the onus is on your essay). Your supervisor should want you to get a high mark as well, so just letting them lead you through it is a good move.

Honestly though, not much you can do. It's all about how it compares to other essays and therefore how well it rates in the examiner's opinion.

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