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Biology IA

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So I did my Biology IA experiment on an invertebrate, and I tested a taxis (movement away from/towards a stimulus). The experiment worked well, and I got good data.

However, now that I am writing it up I am having trouble. How can I do a statistical analysis if the only data I have is the number of organisms in each choice chamber at the end of 5 minutes.

e.g. I have for trial 1: 4 in light, 6 in dark

trial 2: 3 light, 7 dark


How can I analyze this data statistically?

My teacher said IB really like line graphs, but I can't see how it would be possible for me to make one for this experiment.. thoughts?

Thanks for any help!

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Maybe average all your trials and do a pie chart?

ETA: The only way I could think of doing a line graph would be if you had counted the number of organisms in light/dark at the end of every minute, then you could have done a graph of number of organisms in the dark or in the light vs. time

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i don't think it would be helpful doing a line graph in this case.

As said previously, I think a pie chart will do well. You can also do a bar graph putting the results of the three trials which would be like summing up your results in a clear way.

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