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American Presidents v. Caudillos

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Mmmk...so I have to compare one of the first 16 presidents to Latin American caudillos (i.e. Rafeal Carrera, Jose Gaspar Rodriguez somethin somethin...lol)

Which should I compare? (I was thinking of using TJ or Abe Lincoln for the US presidents...)

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Trust me choose Andrew Jackson as the American president you will compare because he significantly increased the power of the executive branch by ultilizing the power of veto (he used it more times then the previous 6 presidents combined and halted legislation from the congressional/legislative branch of gov.; however he can not be considered a caudillo in the sense that he didn't have complete control of the politics of his nation; all the presidents had the same power of veto he just used it more). He is also known as the american caudillo by some because he held certain characteristics that were similar to the folk caudillos of latin america; he enforced the popular will of the people (attacking the bank of the united states; indian removal act; and the nullification crisis) and protected the constitution. Even though Andrew Jackson can't be considered a caudillo to a large extent as long as you compare him with any latin american caudillo I am sure you can easily find similiraties and differences

Thomas Jefferson is a good pick to desired to fulfill of the will of the common man (i.e farmers and louisians purchase)

Abe Lincoln can also be compared to the caudillos because his administration shares characteristics similar to those of dictatorships; in essence Abe Lincoln almost became a dictator even though this idea is a strecth. (suspended the right of habeus corpus, restore the union at all costs even war, etc.)

Hope this helps

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