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Theory of Knowledge Essay 2010

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Hello all,

I'm currently driving myself insane whilst trying to piece together my final Theory of Knowledge essay for May 2010- hence, I seek advice!

I am attempting to construct a paper around topic #7 (" We see and understand things not as they are but as we are" discuss this claim in relation to at least two ways of knowing"- or something along those very same lines). The difficulty I am having is how to successfully integrate these ways and areas of knowing within my paper. I was to focus along the lines of subjectivity and objectivity in relation to this topic, but am a unsure of how to weave all of this into my paper successfully (as my first endeavor seemed to be far too superficial and lacked cohesion).Hence,any advice, examples, etc would be greatly appreciated and received.

Additionally, how is it best to address the claim and fully explore it without reducing it to mere superficialities.


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