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EE Citations Question

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My EE is in the subject of Psychology so I had to use APA citations. My problem is that I know there's two books I used for my EE that were like a guidebook that talked about various studies. The thing is, when I wrote my EE, I think I cited some of these studies, either parenthetically, or like this: "In So-and-so's study(1995)..." in my actual paper, but I didn't cite these studies in my Works Cited page. On my Works Cited page, I only cited the book that I got those studies from.

What should I do? Should I just add those random studies into the Works Cited Page? I only realized this after I turned in my final draft, and I talked to my school's IB coordinator and my advisor and they're letting me re-do the citation page.

Also, say if IB graded it right now without my citation changes, would it effect my drastically? Like does it count as plagiarism or cutting a bunch of points out of my grade?

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You should do it, definitely, because the references in your text won't appear to match up (at all) to the bibliography. Find the original papers, if you can, or where they've been published in a journal and add them in.

Whether it would appear to be plagiarism, probably not as you did acknowledge the source, however you will lose unnecessary marks.

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Okay, so I have talked to my Psychology teacher and she told me some advice on how to cite it, but now, I am unclear on the alphabetical listing. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Cain(1983) is the study within the text. Fine(2000) is the actual book. My teacher has told me that in my References page, I can list it like Cain (1983), "Study's name" In "Book it came from". My question is, on the Reference page, how do I list it? I know it is listed alphabetically, but do I list Cain (2000)... as a citation on its own line, or do I have to put it under the citation of the book it came from?

For example, is it like this

Fine, Audrey (2000)...rest of citation

*bulleted under this* Cain (1983)...rest of citation IN Fine, Audrey (2000)...rest of citation?

Or like this

Cain 1983... In Fine, Audrey...rest of citation?

(skip a line)

Fine, Audrey...rest of citation

Sorry if this post was hard to understand.

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