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IB BIO HL what do I need to include in the lab write up?

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Hey ya'll,

So our teacher assigned a lab write up and i have the raw data, but I was absent the day he assigned and discussed the lab write up, could someone help me with a link or telling me what I need to write???

Hyped up on caffein,


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Here's what I learned:

Problem: Ask the question. Include your manipulated and responding (measured) variable

Hypothesis: (I'm not sure whether IB asks for this). Use the format If (manipulated variable), then (responding variable), because (reason)

Background information: stuff you need to know in order to understand the lab

Experimental design: a very simple description about what you are going to do.

Variables: Manipulated, responding, controlled

Materials: Very complete, in columns, very specific (with amounts)

Procedure: detailed, numbered, use amounts, give the number of trials, talk about your control, describe how you are observing, data should be numerical, talk about how you are controlling the controlled variables

Data collection: record quantitative and qualitative data, with units and uncertainties. use averages and tables where you have to

Processing: math, graphs with errors and uncertainties, summarize your results in words

Conclusion: Was your hypothesis correct? give reasons. Talk about why the results happened the way they did.

Evaluation: Give weaknesses and limitations of the lab (random and systematic error and such) and talk about how you could improve the lab based on the weaknesses you found

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