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Biology - Cheek Cell Question

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By sheer number? Probably ribosomes. They're small, but they're everywhere. If we were talking about percent composition by mass or something, then I'd guess Golgi apparatus because of the secretion of saliva.

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If you are comparing between lysosomes and GAs:

There isn't a big importance of lysosomes in the cheek cell compared to that of golgi apparatus. The mouth secretes a whole lot of proteins, including salivary enzymes.

You normally find lysosomes in cells like phagocytes, after they ingest something like the bacteria, the enzymes in the lysosome destroys it, so there wouldn't be much of a need of that in cheek cells, except to commit suicide (I love this expression) or get rid of worn out organelles.

In general:

You can't really decide how numerous an organelle is in order to compare it to others, you would find some organelles that are so abondante but their function is not even half as important as another organelle that is less numerous.

So what are you trying to compare or deduce from this? If that's just out of curiosity, then I believe it would be the ribosomes. In a cell producing lots of proteins, it is in great need of ribosomes, GA, rER, sER..etc.

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