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Visual Arts EE- Some questions

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I can't afford to waste anymore time and my mentor is being a bit slow with helping me.

Is a EE on film ok for visual arts? I want to look at how a particular director makes use of a particular art style in his films. I'm not sure if I'll find enough still shots online to put in my EE- because a VA EE requires use of visual references right?

If you've done an art EE what was your topic?


Is it best to pick a topic that is not well known (for me there are NO books but I could base all research on personal opinion and interviews) or a topic that is well known (I don't think it's overdone though)?

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Well... I am doing my extended essay on visual arts, and my topic has to do with the expression found in the art of Van Gogh. I am not exactly sure if a film would count but I would advice not choosing a topic that has little information. I do not think that visual references are necessarily required but they do help the examiner in evaluating your research and topic. Sorry, I wish I could help you more but I am one of my school's first IB diploma candidates.

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