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Transcript issue

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Are there any IB Coordinates around your location? It might be helpful to talk to them. Regarding your transcripts, I think that if you graduate High school they have to provide transcripts that you can then send to Universities. I never heard of not getting your transcripts, unless you had academic probation or some other major incident. If you really think that they won't give you a transcript, talk to the principal or District manager - Everyone should be able to get their transcript if they graduate.

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Might this be better as a separate thread?

What I would do is talk to your language A1 teacher [or any other teacher or IB coordinator, like 2401 said] and ask where you can get a transcript. If you're at a dead end here, talk to the secretary of your principal or dean or whoever is in charge at your school. If you find that your school doesn't traditionally have transcripts, then email or call the office of admissions of the university you are applying to and let them know about the situation and ask what they want from you, if they want you to put the information that they are looking for on a sheet and then get signatures from teachers and the principal or whatever.

As for help, what do you want to know? There are forums like collegeconfidential.com that help students figure things out. collegeconfidential might only be US unis. I wouldn't know because I don't use it.

Other than that, talking to your teachers is a good idea because they probably help kids with their college applications every year.

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