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WL Topic for A Doll's House & The Outsider

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To make sure, this is your first world lit paper, right?

We can't come up with a topic for you to do. It's your responsibility plus when you come up with a topic you like, you'll probably be able to connect to it on a deeper level.

I suggest you look at characters or symbols or motifs or themes you could compare. Skim through the books, paying attention to parts you underlined or commented on, if you annotated your books at all, and consider potential topics as things that strike you as interesting and maybe even odd. Make use of summaries of your works on sites like SparkNotes to help jog your memory. I discourage you from reading their analyses because that ruins it for you. You don't have to have amazing, ground-breaking ideas. They just need to belong to you.

Tell us what you're considering, and maybe we can help you more.

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This is what my amazing teacher tells our class to do. Make a list of general themes or key issues for example:


Key Images



Social Conflict

Political Conflict

Development of the Protagonist

Signficance of a Secondary Character (foil)

and so forth....

make a small blurb on each book and see what seems to be a common link between the texts. Find an angle deep and narrow enough to be a essay topic. For example : Presentation of Death is way to broad but The Presentation of Death as A Liberation from a Materialistic Society is more clear.

I hope that helps, maybe giving some key themes the novels/plays share we can narrow it down.

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