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Caucasian Chalk Circle- notes desperately needed!

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We're doing 'The Caucasian Chalk Circle' by Bertolt Brecht for the exams in May along with Crucible (Arthur Miller) and A Man For All Seasons (Robert Bolt). I'm ok with the other two texts but our teahcer just rushed through the Chalk Circle and now i'm just prepostrously defecit of notes on it and was wondering if any of you kind souls who are doing it/ have done it could lend me some help?

I know the story and basically what the play is about the major themes are evokes (nature s nurture, capitalism Vs Communism and stuff) but i'm completely stumped when it comes to the songs?? I don't know what they're for apart from entertainment purposes?

Also, ive just tried to Scene 1- The Struggle for the Valley and i'm sort of stuck on the following things:

1) is there a very significant role that 'the expert' plays? i know that he's the neutral party but is there anything else to his character??

2) Symbol of cheese?? its mouldy milk? can you say that like the cheese the galinsk golchos are now 'rotting' and getting 'mouldy' in the Valley and its high time that they move? which in turn highlights that idea that nothing is forever? and that everything has a time and the Galinsk tribe has run out of their time in the Valley?? Or do you think that i'm reading too much into that??

3)the importance of the quote "Old Man;...you mean to say it makes no difference what kind of tree stands beside the house where one was bornn?..."???

4)symbole of the cap (the example thats used to compare land to a cap)

5)importance of the secretive convo between the singer and the expert when he's trying to get the singer to shorten the play???

So any help, notes or tips on how to address the play?? Anything will do. I'm that desperate!! :P

thanks :)

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heyyy.. i would suggest you to check out www.shmoop.com and www.sparknotes.com .. !! i am sure that you will able to find your notes there..!! so please check it out..!! good luck wid them..!!

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