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English HL Paper 2 Help!

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I'm doing English at HL and we just started doing the texts for paper 2 exam. my teacher sort of went over how to look at the questions and stuff and i understood what she told us but i still cant seem to get anything right???! so do any of you current/ex IBers with experience with paper 2 questions know what exactly it is that you're supposed to write!? the structure of the essay, or just general tips would be most welcome! :P

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well, i'm doing self taught german and i've been told that the questions are can be quite general ones. you could, for example, get one like this: "One of the main themes in literature is humans seeking their identity" - to what extent does this claim represent the books studied and how is the theme outlined?

You'd then just write an essay, answering the question in relation to your books...

regarding structure: intro (e.g. what is identity in general), main body (e.g. identity in your books), conclusion (e.g. what you think about it)

hope that helps...

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