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English IOP Proposal :(((((((((

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OMGG i just found this website today and holyyy crapp im soooo frikken happyyyy ahhh its like heaven in hell!

ahem...anyways. im skipping school right now so i can come up with 2 more IOP proposals o_o;;

the books we've read are: "Master Harold" ...and the boys; Dancing at Lughnasa; The Bell Jar; and Fiela's Child

i have only one proposal so far, for Fiela's Child: "Matthee uses the elephant cow's hunger for revenge for the death of her calf as a metaphor for Fiela Komoetie's hunger for justice and her desperation to recover Benjamin." i'm not even sure about that...should it be "metaphor"? or something else p_p

but i'm only gunna submit this proposal if i can't come up with anything else...


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Welll you have to do a 10-15 minute presentation and it seems to me no way can you get 10 minutes out of that. Admittedly I haven't read the book (or any of your books), but it seems like you're only making one really specific point.

A better presentation title would be more like one of these:

Justice and desperation in Fiela's Child

The portrayal of Fiela Komoetie in Fiela's Child.

Most people pick a section of book/time, a theme or a character for their IOP. You can then explore everything to do with justice and desperation, including this metaphor, but also anything else which there might be. Picking an IOP "proposal" should technically be pretty easy, just look at any theme/character/thing you found interesting, ponder for a minute whether you can speak about it for 10-15 minutes, and if it fits the bill: voila! In my class we just went round saying stuff like "death", "the past", "the colour red", "women" and so on as our "proposals", just to make sure people didn't do the same thing. That's as specific as it needs to be. Remember it's a presentation, not a verbal essay, so it doesn't need to be like an essay. We can't give you titles here, but hopefully that gives you a better idea of how to come up with one.

My advice would be to make it something you're interested in, if at all possible, or something you personally really appreciated. I know I found certain parallels particularly interesting, or some parts of the book poignantly written and so on, so I picked out those and found it quite essay to talk (and especially to engage the listeners) because I had some kind of vested interest in it. Hard as that is in World Lit xP

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