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Engineering Requirements?

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Okay so here's the situation:

I am currently a sophomore, and am in the midst of making my course choices for IB. Currently, I am thinking of doing

HL: Math, Physics, Music

SL: English A, French B1, History

I chose my three highers based on my interests (I am highly interested in music.) However, in the future, I plan on persuing engineering. Would I need to take Chemistry (probably HL) instead of music for engineering? Is it generally a requirement for universities? I would like to take Music HL, but I also don't want to end up not meeting adequate requirements should I persue engineering. Anyone have any info about this?

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If you're looking into a uni outside of the US, you probably want to look at that uni's website. If you're interested in staying in the US for your undergraduate degree, then I don't think there are really requirements. If you don't take IB Chemistry, try to take AP Chem and/or the SAT2 Chemistry subject test [unless your college doesn't look at SAT2s at all].

If you can't take AP chem or an extra elective chemistry course, then you should ask yourself what kind of engineering you want to go into. Either way, you'll probably end up taking chem, but if you're going into something like materials engineering, where it's really focused on the chem, you should try to get a good foundation in high school.

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