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Biology - Define Word Count?

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I read on the thread that Biology EEs can be just 2500 words at the very minimum (I presume the 4000 maximum still holds though?) and my question is: what does that include? Does the text in the tables and labelling graphs count as well? On some EE's I see small word counts under sections and some I don't.

Also is the format just like a regular lab?

Somebody please enlighten me. :(


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Yeah, the format is just like a lab, although I'd be super thorough with this one haha

You have access to the files, so I assume you've checked out the format of biology/science EEs?

Tables, graphs, other charts, etc don't count toward the word limit. Yes, 4000 is still the maximum. To be honest, our normal lab reports reach 4k words [including tables and stuff, I guess]. We write really beefy introductions to show that we've really researched around our topics. If you're looking to add more words, it couldn't hurt to talk more about topics pertaining to your topic.

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