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History IA on the Middle-East, help!

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Hey there!

I have to start my History IA soon. The only thing i'm sure of is that i'll do it about the conflict in the Middle-East.

I'm taking Middle-Eastern history for HL, so it'll help me when i do the exam :P

Thing is, I still don't know what will be my topic. I'd like to focus primarily on Lebanon, but i'd be willing to write about anything related to palestine and israel too.

Any ideas!???


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1st Lebanon war? The 2nd one is too recent to cover. Lebanon is a better option than Israel/Palestine because everyone does the second one. 3 people in my class did IA's on that, and it's "original" in the same way that doing an IA on Hitler/Mao is "original". You could do something on Lebanese/Syrian relations, or just Lebanon internally. Analyze whether or not religion was a more important factor in a certain conflict, or whether ____ was more significant?

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