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Passing the HL Biology Exam-Heinemann Guide?

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So for this year, my second year of HL Biology, we got a new teacher because our teacher from last year retired. Our new teacher this year does not seem to know very much in my opinion and it's difficult to learn in his class because of the fast pace and his jumbled class structure. A lot of us are pretty scared that we'll fail the exams for HL Biology. What I'm wondering is, if I basically studied and read the Heinemann Baccalaureate Study Guide intensely and thoroughly, would I be in good shape? At least pass I mean? The textbook we use right now is for Advanced Placement Biology and goes really in depth; subsequently our teacher takes the lecture powerpoints from the textbook to use, so I feel like he is telling us a lot of information that we might not need.

Would reading the Heinemann Baccalaureate book at least allow me to pass, or is the information there not sufficient enough? But I will look at other notes of course, I mean that my basis would be the Heinemann book.

Also I'm really scared that IB will drop the points for our IAs because the topics we chose might not be the best, or our teacher is inexperienced at grading and grades us too easily and such. I heard that this can lower your grade a lot, like from a 7 to a 4.

Yikes. =(

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Don't be scared - bio is a really easy subject to self study for. This is what I think you should do (its what I do and I've managed to get a 6 -missed out on a 7 because my first lab was pretty crappy).

Download the syllabus off a website. Purchase "IB Diploma HL Biology Guide (or smtn like that) by Geoffrey Neuss". Then just go through the syllabus + the study guide and google anything you are unsure about. The geoffrey neuss study guide is really really good - it follows the syllabus religously. And if any parts are not comprehensive enough for you it is easy to research.

Good luck! Be sure to pm me if you need any help.

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