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Exam Prep for Japanese SL

I know that Japanese isn't common in the IB, but for those special people who do Japanese,

>>How do you study for the exams?

If you have done any mocks, how did you find them?

Is it just me or is Part B really hard?!

I'm just curious about everyone else's thoughts and feelings.

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I am only in IB1 but I do japanese ab initio. I have friends who do B sl and the key to succeed in japanese is :




It's vital to practice sentence structure and know how to answer a question as grammatically accurate as you can. You need to put down as much kanji as you know and you need to vary your tenses. I'd say go through the grammar but also read some japanese from books or newspaper to familiarise yourself. There is only so much you can learn then you need to practice applying so your japanese sounds natural.

BTW good luck

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