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Still uncertain about my IB choices?

I have a week before I begin IB, and final chances are given to students to change their subjects..

My current options are:

HL: Economics, Chinese B, Biology

SL: Maths, English, Art

I want to study global business at uni and there are no specific requirements in terms of the subjects I choose to enter the course, besides Maths standard (7)

I am considering in changing to Art higher, and Chinese B standard.. but what I am concerned about is the huge workload in Art higher and the difficulty in achieving a high point.. for Chinese B higher I feel it will be too difficult for my ability and it will be much easier for me to achieve a 7 at standard level..

Should I take Art higher then? I know Biology and Art at higher level.. will be pretty tough because they are both time consuming!

However, I am certain that I want to take Higher econ and Bio!

Any ideas about my subject choices?

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I am not too sure about the workload of Art at SL or HL, but I can give you some insight into the Mandarin B subject.

Usually it is only native Chinese that choose to take Mandarin B HL, however even though students may be are native Chinese, they at times still find the course challenging and demnading. I know this for a fact, as there are some HL natives in my class. They frequently comment on how hard the tests/exams/holiday homework are/is, and they hardly ever gain full marks. Thus, it would be extremely difficult if you wanted to gain a good mark at HL (assuming that you are not a native), but of course, not impossible.

As for Mandarin B SL, it is very easy for natives, and generally challenging for other students, but from reading what your post, I would think that your ability would be more than enough to achieve a good mark at SL.

Altogether though, I would choose the subject that you are most interested in, as this is a motivator in itself.

Also, are you completely fixed on doing Art? Because, if you wanted to study global business at university, Business and Management HL would give you an additional push (along with Economics), as it is part of the course you intent to study. Plus, BAM HL is consideret to be one of the easiest HL subjects, so it would loosen your workload.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

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